Congenix is a contract research organization operating on the territory of the Russian Federation and countries of the former USSR. We offer comprehensive services covering the organization and realization of clinical trials on phases I to IV. Our activities are concentrated in the area of clinical operation services, as well as quality assurance and quality control.

The Company employs doctors of the highest qualifications, equipped with broad knowledge of different areas of medicine, while also being specialists in clinical studies. The project management team consists of specialists with work experience of 5 years or more. Congenix considers international and regular domestic training of its employees as a prerequisite for achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Congenix is a client-oriented company. Promptness in enrollment of patients is a determining and often crucial factor for success in clinical trials. For this reason we prioritize working with investigators, operating and potential study centres in our day-to-day business. We use an extensive data base of medical institutions located on Russian territory.

We work with leading Russian specialists in various branches of medicine, who have an impeccable reputation and extensive experience of international multi-centre clinical studies. Our data base is constantly updated to include new contact details of investigators living and working in regions located far from the capital.

Our Company operates in strict compliance with the ICH GCP standards, requirements of international regulatory authorities and all applicable industry standards.

Congenix takes upon itself complete responsibility for dealing with the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and thus ensures that it may obtain all necessary documents as quickly as possible, and comply fully with local legislative and regulatory requirements.

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